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This podcast is an extension of CRB’s Horizons reports, which are published biannually and built on the survey results of hundreds of industry leaders in the life sciences and food and beverage industries. With each report comes a new season in which we’ll detail the findings, cover the trends, and provide expert analysis about what they mean for your business.

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Ashley Martins: The life sciences and food and beverage industries move fast. There’s constant change, evolution and growth, which is great for consumers and patients, but challenging for manufacturers. To stay on the leading edge and plan for the future, you need keen insight about the forces shaping your industry. That’s why CRB produces the Horizons report, to bring all these trends together and determine what they mean for your business. 

The CRB Horizons Podcast is an extension of those reports. Each year, our team at CRB, a leading global provider of sustainable engineering, architecture, consulting and construction solutions to the life sciences and food and beverage industries, produces two Horizons reports, one focused on the life sciences and one focused on the food and beverage industry. These industry reports pull the talents and expertise of our leading subject matter experts to understand the conditions and forces affecting the industries we serve. 

Based on hundreds of surveys of industry leaders, our free reports go deep on the critical trends driving the markets and how companies can stay on the leading edge. CRB’s Horizons Podcast invites you to connect directly with our subject matter experts as they expand on the findings and trends they’ve encountered while producing the latest reports.  

Each season of the podcast ties back to one of our reports, starting with the 2023 Horizons: Alternative Proteins Report, which explores the factors affecting the efficient and profitable scale-up of the alternative proteins market. Our report covers everything from processing and operations to sustainability and regulations. The podcast goes further.  

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