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Moses talks Horizons: Alternative Proteins 2023 in ProFood World

Dec 11, 2023

The alternative protein market has been one of both unbridled enthusiasm and uncertainty. The news in recent years has been focused on faltering sales and market slumps—certainly compared to the booming years of the recent past. But this year our Horizons report  shows an industry that is not only resilient but that is growing in maturity, becoming more cognizant of what the business model needs to look like and how they will get to where they want to be. Moses walks through the report’s findings in depth with ProFood World.

Though CRB tackled alternative proteins for our 2021 report, we decided to revisit the topic for our 2023 Horizons report. “It was just irresistible for 2023 because that market has changed so much,” says Tony Moses, director of product innovation. Almost 60% of the more than 150 alternative protein producers that responded this year are manufacturing at commercial scale, up from 25% in 2021. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed have seen an increase in sales volumes since 2021 as well.

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