A CRB solution that breaks from conventional facility design by providing unparalleled flexibility, speed to market and budget control, allowing companies to quickly deliver multiple novel therapies to patients.

SlateXpace™ — the new breed of highly-responsive multimodal manufacturing facilities.

SlateXpace™ facilities are platformed modular solutions which provide multimodal manufacturing unparalleled in speed-to-market, cost effectiveness and adaptability. They are highly configurable and equipment-agnostic that allow you to rapidly shift operations as technologies, business objectives, and patient needs evolve. This built-in agility allows you to maximize year-on-year growth while minimizing downtime, and a modular design helps you outpace traditional builds for minimal costs.

A clean slate, always.

Each GMP suite is designed for painless decontamination and rapid equipment changeover. It’s like starting again with a new facility, as often as required—without the usual risky investment of time and money.

X-actly right

SlateXpace™ suites are configurable and equipment agnostic, leaving room for operators to accommodate the “X” factor: shifting patient needs, new processes, advances in technology, or unknown future opportunities.

Outpace expectations

Modularization and the strategic deployment of parallel off-site workstreams mean that a SlateXpace™ facility is up and running faster than traditional capital projects, with full cost control and end-to-end quality.

Fight cancer with an mAb product. Fight a pandemic with a vaccine platform. Do it all in the same suite, weeks apart, with a turnkey facility that’s easy to validate, painless to pivot, and designed to scale up and out in record time.

That’s the SlateXpace™ promise.

support at every step...

SlateXpace™ leverages the expertise and capabilities of a team that manages every detail end to end – from facility fabrication and delivery, equipment selection and installation, to start-up, qualification and operator training.

Future proof your facility with SlateXpace™

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