Emily Thompson, PE

Senior Process Specialist

Raleigh, NC

Emily Thompson is a Process Engineer at CRB, specializing in biological process and facility design. Over the last 16 years working in the biotechnology industry, she has gained expertise in designing facilities for monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and gene therapy production, both in stainless steel and single-use. Emily is a specialist in process simulation and modeling and experienced in a number of different commercially available software programs.
“It’s very rewarding to be part of an industry that is changing the future of medicine and the way patients are treated. Working with CRB has given me the opportunity to interact with and learn from many different clients and their processes.”

A graduate of North Carolina State University, Emily holds two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. She is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of North Carolina.

Insights By Emily