CRB’s Horizons series of industry reports pools the talents and expertise of our leading subject matter experts to understand the conditions and forces affecting the life sciences and food and beverage industries. Based on hundreds of surveys of industry leaders, our free reports go deep on the critical trends driving the markets and how companies can stay on the leading edge.


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Recent Reports

Horizons: Market Conditions Q1 2024 report

This one-year anniversary edition of the CRB Horizons Market Conditions Report is a testament to the dynamic nature of the construction sectors, particularly within the life sciences and food & beverage industries. It not only showcases the evolution of the market over the last year but also offers a unique opportunity to assess how accurately past forecasts have materialized and how the ongoing market trends align with our initial insights.

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Horizons: Digital Age of Food Manufacturing 2024 report

This comprehensive report sheds light on the active investments, aspirations and applications of digital technologies in pursuit of increased capabilities and smarter solutions to today's challenges.

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Horizons: Market Conditions Q4 2023 report

In our fourth edition of Horizons: Market Conditions, we'll look back on a year that defied recessionary fears. We'll also delve into the future because there are still plenty of economic factors to keep an eye on.

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Horizons: Market Conditions Q3 2023 report

As we approach the holiday season with a welcome recession-free outlook, the construction industry's workforce remains a challenging puzzle. Megaprojects in the manufacturing sector could cause additional labor and material shortages in the coming months and years. 

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Horizons: Life Sciences 2023 report

Our fourth Horizons: Life Sciences report focuses on the similarities and differences between North America and Europe to examine the trends that will determine how quickly the next revolution in life-changing medicine will unfold.

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Horizons: Market Conditions Q2 2023 report

We’re midway through the year, and the global economy has surpassed expectations. As inflation and unemployment rates steadily decline, the Federal Reserve's pursuit of a soft landing appears increasingly promising.

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Horizons: Market Conditions Q1 2023 report

The first installment of our quarterly Horizons: Market Conditions report finds capital project planning vexed by extreme uncertainty that permeates both the supply chain and labor pool, as rising interest rates and the expectation of a recession loom over the economy.

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Horizons: Alternative Proteins 2023 report

This report explores the factors affecting the efficient and profitable scale-up of the alternative proteins market, covering everything from processing and operations to sustainability and regulations.

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Horizons: Life Sciences 2022 report

This report explores an industry that is investing in novel research, pushing against long-established comfort zones, and moving cautiously but steadily toward an advanced standard of care for critically ill patients.

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CRB Horizons Pet Food Cover

Horizons: Pet Food 2022 report

As consumers increasingly seek out high-quality, ethically-sourced, and sustainably-made pet food and treats, manufacturers must navigate new challenges and opportunities.

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