CRB’s Horizons series of industry reports pools the talents and expertise of our leading subject matter experts to understand the conditions and forces affecting the life sciences and food and beverage industries. Based on hundreds of surveys of industry leaders, our free reports go deep on the critical trends driving the markets and how companies can stay on the leading edge.


Horizons: Life Sciences

Our latest report, built on the insights of more than 500 life science industry leaders, explores the evolving science and business of drug manufacturing and the operational shifts our industry must make, especially as COVID-19 has changed our work and our world.

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Recent Reports

2021 Life Sciences Report

We explore the disruptive forces reshaping how biopharma companies speed life-saving therapies and vaccines to the market.

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CRB Horizons: Alternative Proteins report

2021 Alternative Proteins Report

Growing demand for alternative proteins has manufacturers reconsidering everything from packaging and safety to regulation and project delivery.

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CRB Horizons: Cell and Gene Therapy

2020 Cell & Gene Therapy Report

Through a survey of nearly 150 industry leaders, our inaugural CRB Horizons: Cell and Gene Therapy report finds the biopharma space at a critical inflection point.

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