process architects in aseptic and sterile manufacturing

For efficient aseptic and sterile manufacturing, process architects are key

Designing an aseptic and sterile manufacturing facility that meets regulatory requirements takes expertise. Designing it to operate efficiently is even more challenging. Process architects are an important part of the team that can help you meet that challenge with confidence.

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person working in CAD design software on a computer

7 elements for designing a food processing plant

Automation, employee amenities, and sustainability are just a few considerations for achieving longevity and efficiency from your food processing plant design.

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plant-based meat nuggets

Shifting demand in frozen plant-based meat: sound bites on growth in the freezer aisle

While sales slow in the refrigerated case, a growing number of consumers stroll the frozen aisle in search of value-added plant-based meat options. How can manufacturers prepare for frozen food production?

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pharma manufacturing simulation example

A guide of modeling and simulations for manufacturing projects

Building a model and using it to run detailed simulations is one of the best ways to support confident, data-driven decisions in today’s competitive marketplace.

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5 ways a zero-based bioreactor simplifies alternative protein production

Emerging alternative protein manufacturers and the food tech sector have had to rely on biopharma practices, which inhibit scale up with steep price tags and long production times. Here’s how zero-based equipment can help tailor those practices to achieve commercial scale.

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Eco green HVAC

Creating a sustainable heating strategy for pharma manufacturing through decarbonization

Moving past natural gas and electric boilers can achieve the pharmaceutical industry’s decarbonization goals.

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trade partners

How to set up a team with trade partners and subcontractors for success

Fully integrated teams, that include strategic trade partners rather than subcontractors, exceed client expectations for safety, quality, cost certainty and speed to market.

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beverage production line

Developing a food & beverage production strategy: 5 must-dos for your next capital project

Developing a successful production strategy and plan for your next capital investment project could be the key to scaling up successfully.

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What’s next for the life science industry?

What’s next for the life science industry?

Real talk from the front lines of today’s research and manufacturing landscape

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adaptive reuse feature

How adaptive reuse can help life sciences labs make the move to urban centers

The adaptive reuse of existing space for labs is an emerging trend sparked by increased capacity demands, supply chain challenges, and sustainability goals.

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