Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapy facility design molded by commercial biopharma experience

Interview with Niranjan Kulkarni, Senior Director, Allan Bream, Process Specialist, and Grace Linton, Process Architect at CRB that originally appeared in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights, on how commercial biopharma experience is shaping cell and gene therapy facility design.

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Choose your playing field: ATMP site selection

So you want to build a new facility for advanced therapy manufacture? Before you start building, there is one essential element that you need to get right: site selection.

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Using digital tools to optimize facility design

Building information modeling software improves efficiency. Technology, like BIM, is changing more than just healthcare’s latest therapeutic modalities and pharmaceutical advances. It’s also disrupting the design and implementation of the facilities that create them.

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Lean delivery

Reducing waste with lean delivery in facility design and construction

Applying a lean delivery approach to the design and construction of new facilities can reduce waste, lower costs and improve speed to market.

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Membrane-Based RO Systems for WFI

Membrane-based reverse osmosis systems for WFI production

Water for injection (WFI) is used in the pharmaceutical industry to formulate parenteral drugs and for cleaning and other manufacturing operations. Reverse osmosis followed by a polishing step can be a more efficient and cost-effective solution for WFI production.

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NextGen Now: Delivering tomorrow’s facilities today

If cell and gene therapy products are to successfully reach patients and deliver transformative cures, then the industry will need more facilities capable of manufacturing them.

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An artistic portrayal of adeno-associated viral vectors used in gene therapy manufacture

Advanced therapy medicinal product facilities through the eyes of a process architect

Advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) companies are ushering in a new frontier of medicine and technologies poised to revolutionize human health, but are ATMP facilities keeping up? The industry is advancing at such a rapid pace that these companies are faced with vast new complexities when developing and manufacturing their products.

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A large chiller outside, which could be made more efficient with an ice storage system

How biopharma facilities can use ice in a glycol chiller system

Ice storage, coupled with a glycol chiller, can provide benefits that other options can’t.

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Closing the deal: Understanding when to close your process

When to close your pharmaceutical process

Too often, the term “closed process” is thrown around without an understanding of the salient issues. Pharmaceutical process closure can certainly provide many benefits, but there are various impacts and requirements depending on the ultimate goal and the specific process you are trying to close.

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Solving biopharma design challenges with computational fluid dynamics part one: Designing a mixing tank with high-performance computing in the cloud

Solving biopharma design challenges with computational fluid dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics and cloud computing can make complex models more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

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