Bubbles in water

Benefits of membrane filtration systems for ambient WFI production

The shift to membrane-based WFI production can significantly reduce utility use, shrink facility footprint requirements, and help meet corporate sustainability goals.

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RNA strand

The promise of RNA-based therapies

Decades of scientific progress in understanding the root cause of many formerly intractable diseases has opened up new treatment options, namely through RNA-based therapies. This second wave of biopharma, in which our understanding of the ways coding portions of our genome relate to disease, allows us to intercede earlier, and at more specific and effective junctures.

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blue and purple antibody

An introduction to modern monoclonal antibody manufacturing

Monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapies continue to provide both powerful weapons against disease and compelling business opportunities for forward-thinking companies.

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biotech single-use technology in use

Which is more sustainable: stainless steel or single-use systems?

What are the environmental impacts of single-use technology and stainless steel systems? And which should you use in your next facility?

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cell therapy manufacturing process

4 cell therapy manufacturing approaches: your guide to optimizing every square foot

Could your cell therapy manufacturing facility be working harder for you? If you have (or anticipate having) small-scale cell therapies in your pipeline, this question is vital.

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Standard Facility Design

Expanding global operations with standard facility design

Increasingly, manufacturers want standard facility designs of their GMP manufacturing facilities so they can be replicated elsewhere in the world, but this approach comes with unique considerations.

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human cell division

In-house production vs. CDMO: meeting the challenges of commercializing cell and gene therapies

Commercializing cell and gene therapies efficiently requires timely decisions about whether to engage a CDMO or develop internal manufacturing capacity. Sometimes the best solution is to do both.

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The dynamic future of life-saving medicine

The dynamic future of life-saving medicine

Changing the way therapies work, and the changing work of making therapies.

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fill-finish in atmp header

Fill-finish in ATMP: 5 critical questions to ask on the way to process scale-up

To bring the exciting science of cell and gene therapy manufacturing to life, creating smaller-scale filling solutions is imperative to the success of the ATMP industry. But before you begin scaling your operation, there are important questions to consider about fill-finish in ATMP.

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solar power in front of zero carbon city

Zero carbon considerations for biotech facilities and operations

Your life sciences company can strive for zero carbon on your next project. Here’s how.

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