Drive efficiency and integration for your project with VDC.

Why use VDC?

VDC relies on building information modeling (BIM) to allow you to see and experience your new process or facility while it’s still just a concept. Understand the final product, so you can make better decisions early on in the process. Opens up opportunities for better collaboration and communication by seeing your process and facility in three dimensions—and you can be sure the entire team is seeing the same thing.

An integrated, multidisciplinary virtual model of your project aligns all stakeholder expectations, reduces cost, and accelerates the project schedule.

Take technology to the field.

No more printed plans on job sites. Take technology to the construction site to increase productivity, improve collaboration and tackle potential challenges before they become an issue. Achieve a streamlined, lean project using the latest cloud-based software apps with cutting-edge mobile technologies to make updates to documents, schedules and other management tools in real-time.

Build with greater confidence.

Enhance scheduling and on-site activities coordination.

Prevent mistakes with better communication and information; save money.

Ensure higher productivity and safety.

You get the biggest benefits from VDC and BIM when you work with our team that uses these tools throughout your project, from initial design through construction, into occupancy.

Let’s visualize your project.

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Our Solutions

Secure your interests with construction management.

Have an advocate on your project: a CM with an integrated delivery mindset. Services are performed as an extension of your team at all levels of construction, from providing a small piping installation to delivering a new greenfield facility.

Every project is unique, not one size fits all. Choosing the right delivery method is based on a number of factors, including budget, schedule, project complexity, risk mitigation and project goals. Your needs drive decisions. Your expectations determine schedule and budget. Alignment with your builder as a CM can help you save.

Build a facility that changes lives.

Highly regulated facilities are built differently. Whether building a new cell and gene therapy facility, modernizing a research lab or modifying an existing food manufacturing line, the materials and techniques to construct for advanced technologies and manufacturing are unique. You need construction solutions and expertise tailored to you.

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Achieve operational readiness with fully integrated control systems.

Working with control systems integration experts who understand the food and beverage industry and are plugged into your project’s design and construction teams from the start ensures you’re making optimal equipment and systems selections, addressing gaps before they happen, circumventing long-lead times or supply chain issues, and setting your food or beverage facility up for operational readiness on time.

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Get it right the first time.

A reliable and realistic budget is the lifeblood of your project. It can help you make decisions well in advance of costly mistakes and drive your project smoothly to the finish. This requires estimators whose technical expertise combines with construction know-how and up-to-date knowledge of market conditions to give you the most holistic estimates at every level of your project. Working with our in-house, discipline-specific estimators ensures it’s right the first time. No “do-overs” needed.

Build an integrated team.

Making informed decisions early drives the overall success of your project. Pre-construction brings the design, client and subcontractor teams to the table in the beginning stages to lay out critical milestones and project goals. Pre-construction is insurance for your final goals.

Industry and equipment knowledge is imperative.

Work with a team that has industry knowledge and experience procuring specialized process equipment. Our procurement strategies offer efficiency and reliability while meeting manufacturing schedules and capital budgets. Get the benefit of strong industry relationships that can be leveraged for the most competitive bids.

Not just people—the right people.

Whether you need on-site leadership or additional expertise to manage your project, get highly competent and qualified professionals to augment your team. As an extension of your business and your brand, you can trust we’ll serve your best interests. Get an extra set of eyes and ears on your job site, and receive a quality project on time, within budget.

Enhance your project, your facility and your end product with VDC.

Better visualization in the design of your project leads to better collaboration and decision-making. The result is a faster, safer, higher-quality build. And it can save you money too.

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