Mike Dieterich, LEED AP

Senior Director, Sustainability

Rockville, MD

Mike Dieterich has 17 years of experience bringing sustainable solutions and innovation to the built environment. He specializes in decarbonization, zero-waste, and net-zero energy projects. He has managed sustainability projects of all sizes, from a LEED Platinum certification and green building renovations to a zero-waste R&D campus. Dieterich is an advocate of using building analytics and integrated building management systems to drive informed decisions for energy efficiency. 

“My approach to sustainability has evolved, just as the market and technology have—from green to resiliency and now, to decarbonization. With each new project and program, I find greater efficiency, work with more suppliers, and create alternative pathways to renewable fuels. CRB provides an opportunity to leverage these skills to scale and grow impact. ”

Dieterich received his Bachelor of Environmental Science from Plattsburgh University and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston, energizing the next generation of environmental leaders. 

Insights By Mike