MycoTechnology named Sustainable Plant of the Year

MycoTechnology named Sustainable Plant of the Year

Jan 8, 2020

MycoTechnology mushroom fermenters
Food Engineering badge for Sustainable Plant of the Year, 2020

MycoTechnology was named winner of Food Engineering magazine’s 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year for its new mushroom-based plant protein facility in Aurora, Colorado. The facility was designed and built by CRB, leveraging a ONEsolution™ approach. MycoTechnology is being honored for not only operating in a sustainable way, including using reclaimed water for process purposes, but also using a sustainable ingredient.

With a focus on efficiency and maximizing space, the plant-based protein is grown in large fermentation tanks, taking advantage of vertical space. This approach allows more production per square foot, which reduces the overall carbon footprint by limiting water, energy and CO2 production.

The plant was featured as the November 2020 cover story in Food Engineering’s annual sustainability issue and the award was presented at the 2020 Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference.

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