Grace Linton, RA, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Director, Process Architecture

San Diego, CA

Grace Linton has delivered projects in North America, Europe and Asia, covering a wide range of facility types, including monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, blood fractionation, active pharmaceutical ingredients, oral solid dosage, medical devices, fill finish, oligonucleotides and cell and gene therapies. As a lead process architect for designing Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) biopharmaceutical facilities, Linton is responsible for integrating the client’s goals and programming criteria, regulatory requirements and building codes and standards into a cohesive facility concept.

Linton’s design acumen is evident in design workshops where she draws from her broad knowledge in process, equipment and technology, CGMP operations and flows, and building systems to deftly construct a facility concept. Her dynamic design approach is supplemented by real-time 3-D modeling that serves as a communication tool for visualizing and exploring spatial concepts. Linton has a Bachelor of Arts in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.

“My approach for designing a facility is to take a set of complex challenges and distill them down to a simple, elegant and innovative solution. I welcome new perspectives, input and challenges as they lead to a more robust design. Many of my recent projects are cell and gene therapy facilities. I am energized by the hope and optimism in this emerging field, and I enjoy the intellectual challenge of learning new science and technologies. But most of all, I am motivated by the therapies and cures these products offer to people living with debilitating and life-threatening conditions. As a process architect, it is my responsibility and privilege to approach each project with the goal of ensuring product protection, operator safety and lean design and operations for maximum throughput.”

Insights By Grace