Biology Lab Renovation Planning

Biology Lab Renovation Planning

Inquiry-based learning environments

The University of Iowa developed a unique Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage (TILE) program, which became a model for best practices across the country. The TILE program focuses on aiding instructors with the creation of interactive student-centered and inquiry-based learning environments that challenge students to engage in higher-order critical thinking.

CRB’s laboratory planners worked closely with the university to incorporate the TILE program into the design for the biology laboratory renovation project.

The project involved transforming the first floor of the historic biology building into graduate and upper-level teaching laboratory and support spaces and relocating DNA research labs to the second floor. The first floor now houses teaching laboratories for neurobiology, developmental biology, evolution, genetics and cell biology. Additionally, there is lab support space for eight new microscopy stations, tissue culture functions, support cell biology and neurobiology instruction.

The classroom labs are equipped with group lab benches, whiteboards, projectors and computer monitors at each of the benches to support collaborative and engaged active learning.

Project Details


University of Iowa


Iowa City, Iowa

Square Footage



$1.7 million

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