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Webinar: Validating your CapEx projects to avoid unnecessary expenses

Oct 27, 2023

What would it mean for your bottom line if you could defer, reduce or entirely avoid that next big capital project by maximizing existing assets instead? Join CRB’s experts for a live food and beverage-focused webinar to find out how to get more out of your assets.

Webinar: Validating your CapEx projects to avoid unnecessary expenses


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Food and beverage manufacturers’ resources—capital, labor and time—are already squeezed, so how are you ensuring your investments are appropriately scoped, budgeted and above all, are actually needed?

When resources and budgets are limited, smarter investment decisions are necessary. In this enlightening live session, Dr. Tony Moses, Fellow of Product Innovation, grills CRB’s Sr. Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Niranjan Kulkarni, on the common operational challenges that often lead to hefty capital expenses to find out if those capital investments are always necessary.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the power of validating your CapEx projects.
  • Share relatable, real-world examples of small changes that amounted to significant capital cost avoidance.
  • Explore how data and simulated environments can revolutionize your investment strategy.

The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session, so bring your questions and be ready to transform your approach to capital expenditures.