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Connect with CRB at the 2022 Advancing Integrated Project Delivery Summit

Nov 28, 2022

The 7th annual Advancing Integrated Project Delivery Summit will be held in Austin, Texas December 5 – 7, 2022. With a variety of workshops, sessions, and panel discussions offered, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from more than 40 experienced IPD practitioners. They will also have the chance to network with industry peers to discuss challenges, lessons learned, and best practices.

CRB thought leaders, Matthew Edwards, Melisa Vasquez, and Ryan Little will share their lean project delivery experiences and insights in sessions throughout the week.

Harnessing Target Value Design (TVD) to Optimize an Integrated Design Process

December 5 | 3:30 PM

CRB’s Ryan Little

  • Understanding lean tools and principles that can be harnessed to offer maximum value to the client
  • Defining the business case early in target value delivery to consider multiple solutions to the facility design and harness collective experience of the team to define scope and capacity limitations.
  • Building the right dynamic within the team to ensure directed, collaborative discussion in ‘the big room’ building a culture of trust, transparency, commitment and accountability.

Panel: Building the Right Tech Stack Across All Stakeholders to Maintain and Document All Communications Effectively

December 6 | 3:30 PM

CRB’s Matthew Edwards

  • Highlighting the features of various technology suites that are required to support an IPD project team that may not be so important on other project types
  • Identifying which tools on the market are most successful for an IPD program and how these can be integrated
  • Discussing how we have evolved our technology stack over the course of several projects to serve the needs of multiple teams and clients engaged with IPD

Leveraging Hybrid Big Rooms to More Efficiently Bring Our Teams Back Together

December 7 | 11:50 AM

CRB’s Melisa Vasquez

  • Discussing some of the learnings thus far from facilitating hybrid big rooms: What have we maintained, what have we changed and what more can we do to further evolve our approach?
  • Building greater flexibility into the way the team can work together to maintain collaboration and engage all personalities, wherever they are in the world
  • Benchmarking the various technologies we have used to facilitate hybrid big rooms

To learn more about the event and view the full lineup of expert speakers, click here.