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Connect with CRB at I2SL

Oct 4, 2022

In two educational and engaging sessions, CRB sustainability experts will take the stage in Pittsburgh at this year’s I2SL2SL’s Annual Conference and Technology Fair. The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) is creating a path toward sustainable buildings and advancing sustainable laboratories worldwide through a community of knowledge, workshops and conferences.


October 17 | Session A2

Leveraging a Forward-Thinking Approach to Achieve a Carbon Neutral Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Facility

Speaker: Jeff Wegner

Deploying sustainable design strategies is more important than ever, as hundreds of companies commit to 100% renewable energy. In the life sciences industry, these commitments to energy conservation have started a zero-carbon revolution. However, understanding the challenges to reaching zero carbon is crucial. To achieve decarbonization, we must implement equitable long-term strategies while applying the best design and construction practices.

In this presentation, we will share how, following the energy + sustainability charrette, we created a four-step process to achieve a zero-carbon, zero-water, high-resiliency manufacturing facility for a biotechnology client focused on developing therapies and cures with minimal environmental impact. We will also discuss cost savings, the advantages of various financing strategies, and design innovations that can increase a site’s resiliency toward utility price fluctuation.


October 18 | Session E4

Sustainability Benefits of Converting Vivarium Research Facilities to Aquatics

Speakers: Joe Phillips and Crystal Soto

It’s often said that the greenest building is the one not built. Following the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, this presentation focuses on a trend in Life Sciences research toward aquatic species, specifically, zebrafish.

The dominant driver for aquatics is to replace mammalian models for lower operating costs and comparable research outcomes. This presentation will illustrate the sustainability benefits of renovation of mammalian facilities vs. new construction with specifics of planning, design, and construction. CRB architects will describe the project drivers, process, outcomes, and life cycle cost/benefit comparisons based on case studies and project examples.


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