Don’t run to failure. Anticipate and plan for upcoming OpEx and CapEx needs.

A trusted go-to partner for quick consulting assessments is a strategic asset for operational leadership within life sciences and food and beverage manufacturing. Whether you want to get a handle on your budget by understanding the integrity and functional end-of-life schedule of an aging system or are in immediate need of a code violation remediation plan, our team of industry experts has you covered. CRB’s evaluations and assessment services provide an objective outsider perspective for your proactive business planning.

Assess, report, and act with the insight of our experts.

How can CRB’s consulting assessments help you?

  • Fit facility health checks: proactively assess active and aging facilities to identify hidden operational and regulatory threats, from an Annex 1 gap assessment to a food sanitation plant audit
  • Lifespan and operability: Build a strategic equipment repair and replacement investment schedule with end-of-life system assessments
  • Code compliance: Be ready for your next regulatory inspection with an assessment of observed and anticipated compliance issues, and a custom remediation plan of action
  • Risk assessments: Identify and address your risks proactively with systematic risk assessments, from a biopharma CLARA to a 3A audit for food and beverage
  • Troubleshooting: Move fast to identify and resolve a contamination issue before it escalates
  • Project viability: Gain a firm grasp on a future project’s scope, budget and timeline through preliminary front-end engineering design (Pre-FEED) assessments

Satisfy questions of necessity, opportunity, and strategy—leverage CRB’s assessment services today.

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Our Solutions

Strategically transform, realize and optimize your facility with our consulting group of experts and in depth analytics.

Could you reduce your annual operating cost? Get your product to market faster? Or eliminate inefficiencies? Find these opportunities  and get custom solutions to capitalize on your areas for growth.

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Assess, report, and act with the insight of our experts.

Regularly assessing your equipment, processes, and sites provides a strong budget and production planning advantage—it gives you the insight you need to plan for and address issues at the earliest stages.

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Enable your digital transformation and advance your manufacturing capabilities.

Every facility and process has its pain points; understanding them is the key to solving them. Advancing your level of digital plant maturity can improve productivity, reduce human error, and minimize points of exposure, allowing you to get to market faster, and continuously improve. Our team of digital technology experts partner with you to identify and resolve existing and potential gaps to unlock facility and enterprise-wide optimizations.

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Reduce operating costs, improve time to market, and uncover opportunities that boost your bottom line.

Your competitive edge is a fine line. It can be a matter of a few extra steps your personnel have to take in your facility or a small amount of product left in your equipment. These little inefficiencies add up, costing you significant time and money.

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Take the guesswork out of your facility improvements.

Try out process alternatives for everything from a unit operation to your entire manufacturing plant before risking capital expenditures. Simulating your potential improvements in a process model can help you test out strategies or find new opportunities.

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Align your facility strategies with your business plan for big picture results.

Are you making the most cost-effective business and facility decisions? Without strategic facility planning, you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. Sound short- and long-term plans require a solid understanding of the relationship between your business requirements and your facility requirements. You can get the most holistic picture of this, as well as the best plan to move your business forward, with CRB’s strategic facility planning.

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Unlock your facility’s sustainable potential.

Aligning your site-level action to your corporate-level sustainability goals requires a big-picture approach from an experienced team that knows how to get you there. CRB’s sustainability experts incorporate environmentally conscious and resource-efficient planning and execution throughout a project or product lifecycle to maximize project opportunities and outcomes.

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