Parker Research Lab Renovation Planning

Parker Research Lab Renovation Planning

Planning labs to answer questions of evolution

Dr. Joseph Parker, entomologist, began collecting insects as a young child and never stopped. Parker took his childhood fascination and turned it into a career. In 2017, he arrived at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) as an assistant professor.

Currently, Parker focuses on rove beetles that have the potential to answer fundamental questions of evolution. There was a need for a space and tools to take his research to the next level.

Parker’s goal for his space was clear—visual connectivity.

Project Details


California Institute of Technology


Pasadena, California

Square Footage



$2.5 million


CRB’s laboratory planners worked closely with Parker, Caltech and the design team to carefully articulate the importance of Parker’s research. Together, the team created a collaborative environment that celebrates science.

The building corridor is lined with floor-to-ceiling glass that allows faculty and students walking in the hallway to see into the labs. The design creates a light-filled, open space inside the lab. Additionally, the glass and interior walls are lined with large insect graphics to illustrate the nature of Parker’s work.

The space includes a specialized research lab space, insect behavior and propagation and specialty instrumentation for a two-photon microscopy and mass spectrometry.

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