Hamilton Hall Chemistry Laboratory Design

Hamilton Hall Chemistry Laboratory Design

The project included design services to renovate 25,000 square feet of eight freshman general chemistry teaching laboratories in Hamilton Hall. The updated labs create an innovative studio-based environment that supports multiple teaching methods, including inquiry-based study, paired student learning and team learning all in the same space.

Designed to keep pace with enhanced teaching methods and to improve the student’s learning experience, the upgraded laboratory invites students to learn and discover in a bright, quiet and comfortable space with views to the outdoors. The design features include:

  • Maple laboratory casework
  • Wireless access and audiovisual technology, with monitors strategically placed around the labs
  • Lab stations, sinks and fume hoods that comply with regulations for Americans with Disabilities Act
  • A speech reinforcement system for students needing hearing assistance
  • Innovative storage areas within the lab
  • Resilient floors designed to ease standing for long periods
  • Collaborative work stations

Project Details


University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Lincoln, Nebraska

Square Footage



$5.5 million

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