Biology Lab and Office Renovation Design

Biology Lab and Office Renovation Design

CRB provided architectural design services for the renovation of a 14,000-square-foot, two-story multi-tenant building in the Sorrento Mesa area. This facility was designed as HD Bioscience’s flagship location for client interactions and ongoing relations.

The new space includes a biology lab, vivarium and overall office space supporting research and 48 staff members. The vivarium space includes four animal holding rooms, two procedure rooms, a necropsy suite, a washroom and associated animal support spaces. The vivarium houses small animal research studies.

Due to the long, narrow space constraints of the building, CRB designed a double-loaded corridor that created a tour route through the space. This spatial arrangement and the use of larger windows into the lab space maximized the daylighting throughout the facility. The use of large glazed partitions into and through the lab spaces support daylighting concepts and contribute to the open, inviting feel of the overall space.

The color palette of grays and blues with focused punches of brighter colors enhances wayfinding through the space. Façade upgrades to the entry of the building also help support wayfinding.

HD Biosciences is a biology-focused preclinical drug discovery contract research organization with operation facilities in Shanghai, China and San Diego, California. The company offers comprehensive service platforms around target validation, plate-based pharmacology, hit identification and lead discovery, therapeutic antibody discovery and in vivo pharmacology, as well as other research and development services.

Project Details


HD Biosciences Co.


San Diego, California

Square Footage



$3 million

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