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Nichols on the future of oligonucleotide manufacturing

Dec 8, 2022

Brendan Nichols was recently published in ISPE’s Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine where he dives into oligonucleotide manufacturing. While the industry grows and continues to expand, Nichols explains different opportunities for the market.

  • Better molecules are being designed by taking advantage of chemistry to reduce toxicity, increase bioavailability, and promote interaction with unique cell types.
  • Better processes are being designed to produce more material faster, at lower cost, driving efficiency for these high-value facilities.
  • Better facilities are being designed to increase flexibility to accommodate these process and chemical improvements, to handle variation in chemistries, and to increase throughput.

“Resounding clinical successes and maturation of extensive therapeutic pipelines have catapulted oligonucleotides from a fringe modality to therapeutic relevance in just a few short years. Oligonucleotides are a cornerstone of a burgeoning class of drugs classified as nucleic acid therapeutics.”

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