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Lewis featured in The Medicine Maker

Dec 16, 2022

The Medicine Maker is a publication steeped in pharma success stories showcasing the trends, technology and people driving the industry forward. In a new series focused on the people that make the industry a reality, CRB’s John Lewis was interviewed for “What’s Your Job?”.

Senior Project Director, John Lewis, reflects upon his career experience and the journey that took him from the client side to CRB after 25 years in the industry. Lewis looks at some of the pivotal factors shaping the industry, like virtual site visits, shifts from the pandemic and the importance for team members to feel comfortable speaking up. Lewis shares his seasoned perspective on project management from both sides.

“Delivering a commercial manufacturing facility from start to finish in 21 months is never easy. Generally, the rule of thumb is that out of quality, cost, and schedule, you can pick two and only two. Ideally, we should be able to pick all three! That’s what I’m aiming for at CRB.” - Lewis