Christa Myers

Myers editorial featured in Women in Pharma

Nov 29, 2021

ISPE Women in Pharma® is an organization that provides women in the pharmaceutical industry opportunities to connect and collaborate on a range of technical and career development topics. Christa Myers, CRB’s Senior Associate, Aseptic & Sterile Market Director, shares her advice for finding your value regardless of job titles, positions, and promotions and tips for owning the value that you bring. To help, she offers simple exercises that include creating lists of what you have and who you know that can help you reach your goals. Myers explains that, “without self-value, no success will feel like success,” so when you feel discouraged, referring back to these lists can offer both perspective and support.

Myers also shares best practices for celebrating success, which starts with gratitude. She advises creating a list of what you’re grateful for and from there, finding ways to celebrate your successes big and small. As we move into the last month of 2021, reviewing what you did and didn’t accomplish throughout the year can help you set the tone for 2022 with new goals and intentions. Myers recommends asking yourself questions that will help you enjoy this new year even more, and to remember to acknowledge your growth and success along the way.

“It is easy to forget to enjoy your success. We all get so focused on the drive to be better, do more, prove ourselves, prove something, and grow that sometimes we forget to stop, be grateful, and enjoy and celebrate all our success.” - Christa Myers

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