Mike Barrett head shot

Barrett featured in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Aug 2, 2021

CRB’s Mike Barrett interviewed for “Facility Expansions Are on the Rise” in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN), a 40-year-old publication focusing on the topics of bioprocessing, cancer, drug discovery, genome editing, OMICs, and translational medicine.

Increase in approvals by the FDA

In 2020, the FDA approved 53 novel drugs. To date for 2021, 31 have been approved, not including the many that have been granted emergency use authorization. This is a major increase from the average 22 approvals prior to 2017.

The growing demand for novel therapies, paired with unique business drivers, are what Barrett attributes the increase of facility expansions to.

“This is an exciting time to be leading biopharmaceutical design and construction because the market simultaneously demands both innovation and standardization.”

Lean design and construction principles

CRB incorporates Lean design and construction principles on projects to reduce waste and deliver greater value to clients.

“We have found using Lean as design and construction principles like TAKT planning creates a flow of construction on-site that supports social distancing policies.”

TAKT is a project-completion strategy whereby steps occurring at different rates are harmonized temporally to reduce chaos and uncertainty.

Innovation drives business decisions

Barrett explains that CRB evaluates many innovative process technologies during early planning phases to lock in the technology selections specified by the customer’s business criteria, so the technologies that stick and eventually are utilized typically have a unique connection to that business case.

“If a company has a speed-to-market condition of satisfaction, then innovation in single-use technologies will get our attention. It is rewarding to be part of projects that explore several technologic innovations on the same investment.”

Read the full article in GEN here.