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Munoz featured in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Nov 1, 2022

Eddie Munoz, subject matter expert in the plasma-derived therapies market, dives into the current state of plasma in Pharmaceutical Engineering’s iSpeak, “A resurgence in plasma: trends in the industry.”

Like many industries, the plasma-derived therapy industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plasma donations fell sharply during 2020 and 2021. But nearly two and a half years after the pandemic first struck, donations are finally back on the rise. This influx of plasma donations is welcome as the industry faces increased demand. “The list of IgG indications is steadily growing across multiple specialties outside of immunology, including neurology, hematology, oncology, and rheumatology.”

“The plasma shortage brought into focus the fragile nature of the PDT (Plasma-derived therapies) supply chain.” - Munoz

While the shortage of donor-supplied materials exposed vulnerabilities, it also inspired innovation and new collaboration across major players within the pharma industry.

Munoz explores these and several other factors of modern plasma-derived therapy production in “A resurgence in plasma: trends in the industry.” Read the full article here.