Duckworth featured in Pharmaceutical Technology on digital transformation

Duckworth featured in Pharmaceutical Technology on digital transformation

Jan 28, 2022

CRB’s Yvonne Duckworth featured in “Pandemic Drives Digital Transformation” in Pharmaceutical Technology, a pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug development publication of peer-reviewed research and expert analyses.

Pharma’s adoption of industry 4.0

In more ways than one, the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries have been elevated by innovation as a result of the COVID pandemic. Among these advancements has been pharmaceutical manufacturers’ acceptance and adoption of industry 4.0 digital technologies. This digital transformation has unleashed flexible solutions to critical manufacturing scale-up and speed to market challenges. Augmented and virtual reality have proven to provide efficient project collaboration, while digital data collection allows manufacturers to effectively manage and monitor sensitive processes remotely. Pharma companies are now looking to industry 4.0 with increased interest for innovative ways to automate and intensify their internal processes.

The adoption of industry 4.0 is no longer a nice to have or a pipe dream to re-evaluate down the road. The need, advantages and urgency are now widely understood.

“There is a cultural aspect to digitalization because it’s a significant investment that results in changes to the operational structure of a facility; it is beneficial when the digitalization comes from the top.” - Duckworth

The benefits of digital maturity are now being recognized at every level of operations and management.

“We are seeing more often that management is driving the adoption of digitalization in new facilities. It is becoming a standard and expected part of facility design. ” - Duckworth

While in years past, digitalization for a pharma manufacturer may have meant going paper-free for some reports, the pandemic has accelerated the need for a far more advanced Digital Plant Maturity Model. Due to the pandemic, the awareness and drive for digitalization has swept the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.


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