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CRB subject matter experts contribute to ISPE’s Pharma 4.0™ Baseline Guide

Jan 10, 2024

The ISPE Baseline® Guide: Volume 8, Pharma 4.0™ is officially available. This robust body of work was the collaborative effort of several industry SMEs, including CRB’s Yvonne Duckworth, PE, Fellow of Digital Technologies and Matt Edwards, Director of Digital Delivery.

ISPE’s new Baseline Guide addresses the evolving Pharma 4.0™ landscape and the integration of new technologies. It looks at the transformative potential of embracing new technologies, adopting end-to-end approaches for products and processes, and engaging and utilizing personnel in innovative ways. This Baseline Guide provides a structured framework to facilitate successful and enduring transformations, offering tools and advice to help companies achieve digitization and financial goals while ensuring product quality and meeting regulatory requirements. Its strategies are based on organizational size, risk tolerance, flexibility, and maturity level. The document also examines the challenges of implementing digital technologies and achieving successful digitalization projects.

With the addition of over 30 case studies to help drive these concepts home, the Baseline Guide serves as a comprehensive resource for the biopharma industry. CRB is proud of Duckworth and Edwards for their dedication to advancing our industry through their extensive contributions to this document.

The full document can be accessed here: ISPE Baseline® Guide: Volume 8 – Pharma 4.0™ | Baseline Guides