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CRB at LCI Congress

Oct 4, 2022

CRB’s Brian Belvin, John Lewis, and Melisa Vasquez will take the stage at the 24th Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Congress to share their secrets for project success. The LCI Congress is a collaborative event for the Lean community for new ideas and knowledge-sharing across disciplines.

Serving and Celebrating Conditions of Satisfaction: A KBI Biopharma Case Study

Oct. 20th | 11:45 a.m.

Brian Belvin, Senior Project Manager

John Lewis, Senior Project Director

Melisa Vasquez, Project Director

“Lean/IPD Projects have been shown to outperform traditionally delivered projects because there is a focus on alignment of interests, organizational integration, and agreement on project priorities for all parties involved. These project priorities are called Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) in Lean/IPD Projects.” – 2015, Lean Construction Institute This statement holds true for the project team, who spent time upfront, aligning on the client’s business case and developing CoS. The team broke CoS into two categories, behaviors and objectives.

The (CoS) may have defined what “success” would look like for the KBI Biopharma project team. But the culture and tools are what brought those conditions of satisfaction to life, through every phase of the project. In this presentation, audience members will be taken through the lean journey of the KBI project, through a deep dive into each CoS. The project owner, design and construction project managers, and trade partners will present how they aligned on the CoS, the culture and tools that enabled them, and how audience members can translate best practices from this team, back to their own projects.


Event details and agenda: Agenda – 24th Annual LCI Congress in New Orleans, LA (