Coworking lab facility bolsters biotech opportunities in Dallas

Coworking lab facility bolsters biotech opportunities in Dallas

BioLabs, a national shared lab and office space company, partnered with CRB to design and construct its 10th location in the United States. The 37,000 square-foot life science coworking facility offers flexible laboratory space, shared and private, along with office space for early-stage ventures.

Our ONEsolution team worked with the client to reimagine an existing warehouse space as a new co-working lab facility that welcomes creativity, attracts top local researchers, and promotes the collaboration that inspires industry-changing biologic advancements. As such, the location for this project is vitally important.

Following development plans by J. Small Investments, in partnership with Lyda Hill Philanthropies, to redevelop Pegasus Park, the former campus of ExxonMobile Corp., into a new biotech “plus” hub for North Texas, BioLabs selected Pegasus Park as its first location in the central United States.

A biotech ecosystem – innovating effectively 

The vision for the Pegasus Park redevelopment is to enhance the already thriving start-up community in North Texas with hopes to position Dallas as the next major biotech hub in the United States. The 23-acre, mixed-use office campus is designed to bolster local biotech, social impact, and corporate innovation.

The redevelopment will create thousands of high-paying jobs, attract intellectual and investor capital, enhance access to groundbreaking healthcare, and recognize local expertise and technically skilled resources.

BioLabs will enhance the already thriving start-up community in North Texas. The lab is equipped with a broad array of premium scientific equipment and will offer additional services and amenities for resident companies.

In order to seamlessly integrate BioLabs into the Pegasus Park master plans that were already underway, the design team was tasked with creating an environment that both improved the aesthetic of the existing space and tied it with the overall campus while designing a highly adaptable and collaborative laboratory space with smaller users in mind.

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