Strategic alignment at CRB focuses on integrated delivery solutions

Strategic alignment at CRB focuses on integrated delivery solutions

Mar 9, 2021

Today we are announcing the integration of our design and construction groups. The changes strengthen the company’s alignment with rising client demand for integrated solutions while cementing CRB’s position as a best-in-class destination for AEC talent.

From critical vaccines and personalized medicine to food and beverage manufacturing, advanced technology companies increasingly need integrated solutions to bring projects online—without sacrificing quality, schedule or budget.

“These changes build on the project delivery successes of our ONEsolution™ approach which sees clients through from initial planning and design to construction and operational readiness,” said Ryan Schroeder, President of CRB. “They also position CRB as a preeminent choice for clients at a time when global health threats, intense competition, and shifting consumer habits are threatening legacy project delivery models.”

CRB is realigning its design and construction operations around a new vision that will be critical to keeping the company in lockstep with these market shifts. CRB’s two Chief Operating Officers, Tim Barba and Lance Nordbak, will continue to be responsible for driving ONEsolution and the company’s full suite of integrated services across the company’s international footprint. The changes will focus on an end-to-end design and construction organization to drive project execution and our client and employee experience. A new organization – Technical Operations – will promote continuous learning to promote innovation and best practices across the entire project execution value stream.

  • Technical Operations is a knowledge center where leaders and experts develop leading solutions to benefit clients and support the company’s vision. This practice-focused group is a knowledge hub that enables internal and external experts to extend their influence across the company and their industries. Barba will be responsible for the Technical Advancement Groups, our Life Sciences and Food & Beverage Market Teams, Project Delivery, Account Management, Knowledge Management, Process Operational Excellence, Quality and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).
  • A realigned and integrated Design and Construction organization will span all of CRB’s regions – across North America and Europe – where project execution teams are organized to bring expertise to their local markets and be responsible for project performance within their regions. Nordbak oversees the execution of Life Sciences and Food & Beverage projects, Design and Construction Operations, our Consulting team, and Business Development.

“Our clients face pressure every day to deliver their products in the face of strict budget controls and increasingly stiff competition. The marketplace is changing, ‘warp speed’ is becoming a new norm, and we continuously see the undeniable advantage in projects where the owner, designer, and builder work aligned as partners,” said Schroeder. “For clients, we increase our ability to deliver remarkable project experiences when we can truly align ourselves as partners. For our people, these changes open new career opportunities that will allow us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.”

From project delivery supporting COVID-19 vaccine production and advanced therapy medicinal products to pet food and plant-based and cell-based proteins, CRB’s market-leading delivery of process and production facilities has earned the company lead roles in the design and construction of numerous high-impact manufacturing projects. CRB’s ONEsolution approach is behind several recent large-scale efforts, including the Grand Rapids Aseptic Manufacturing (GRAM) 60,000-square-foot COVID-19 vaccine production facility and Freshpet’s new 400,000-square-foot pet food production facility in Texas.