Tony Moses

Moses presenting at Future Food-Tech dedicated to alternative proteins

May 24, 2022

CRB’s Tony Moses will present at Future Food-Tech’s summit dedicated to alternative proteins in New York City on June 21. The summit will reunite the protein industry to explore new approaches to scaling novel technologies through debates, panels and presentations. There will even be the opportunity to taste the future of food. 

Moses will speak on Cultured Meat: The Importance of Partnerships in Achieving Scale alongside other industry experts at 11:15 am EDT. The panel discussion will answer the following questions:  

  • What are the main challenges cultured meat developers are experiencing, and where can partnerships play a pivotal role in solving these? 
  • How does the market expect to compete within the prices of traditional meat and poultry? 
  • From the perspectives of established corporations, how does the supply chain need to evolve in order to support the integration of cultured proteins? 
  • How can CPG companies lead the transition—much like they did with organic—from animal products to cultured meat? 
  • Do we expect 2022 to bring more mergers and acquisitions in this space? 

For more information about the summit’s key themes and events visit Future Food-Tech Summit 

To learn more about the alternative proteins market, download CRB’s Horizons: Alternative Proteins report, built on the inputs of 300 food industry leaders.