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Leland Curtis presenting at Advancing Computational Building Design

Feb 15, 2023

Leland Curtis, CRB’s Director of Computational Design, will chair and present at the 2023 Advancing Computational Building Design conference in Chicago. The gathering is focused on delivering better, and faster, project design outcomes by improving workflows, reducing barriers, and accelerating computational adoption. Leland will explore novel improvements to existing Design Space Exploration (DSE) workflows that enable detailed performance analysis at the speed of design for all projects at little cost.


Wednesday, Feb. 22 | 4:10 Central Time

Case study: Leveraging computational design to optimize for the creation of sustainable building solutions

  • Understanding how computational tools can disrupt the traditional sustainable design process by providing real-time guidance rather than option-based analysis
  • Highlighting how you can use computational tools to enhance your design by leveraging the properties of sustainable materials
  • Discussing the Universal Design Space Exploration and how Automated BEM, pre-simulation, data analytics, and custom apps can inform common sustainability design challenges for all projects at little cost
  • Leveraging surrogate modeling to extend the applicability of sustainability analysis to designs that have not yet been simulated


Learn more about the event and view the full agenda: 2023 Advancing Computational Building Design