yvonne duckworth headshot - digital technology at CRB

Duckworth talks biopharma’s appetite for 4.0 in GEN

Aug 30, 2022

Yvonne Duckworth, CRB’s Director of Digital Technology, was recently interviewed for the article, “Helping Biopharma Overcome the Challenges to Go Digital” in GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News).

While gaining traction, the advancing digital maturity of biopharma continues to be a challenge. “The idea of Industry 4.0–combining physical assets with advanced digital technologies–is finally becoming more popular in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” Duckworth cites CRB’s Horizons Life Sciences report to note the increased interest in 4.0 tools and technology along with the challenges of high-cost, right skillsets, and a lack of endorsement from leadership.

“Pharma companies are and will continue to push the envelope with driving towards digitalization. Traditional approaches may always have a part in manufacturing, but the digitalization appetite is there, and will continue to change the future of pharma manufacturing.”

Intra-industry collaboration through various organizations is helping to make digital advancement easier with guides, checklists and blueprints.

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