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Bornholdt published in Pharma Manufacturing

Mar 15, 2023

JP Bornholdt, Director, SlateXpace Technical Operations, was recently published in Pharma Manufacturing. The pharmaceutical industry continues to feel pressure to meet the increasing demand to deliver product and providing it at warp speed. Implementing prefabrication, preassembly, modularization and off-site fabrication (PPMOF) is one strategy to providing rapid project delivery. This approach comes with many benefits including improvement in quality, cost and flexibility. In the 2021 Horizons Life Sciences Report, 93% of the respondents said quality was their top concern when it came to adopting the approach. However, Bornholdt explains how this method can ensure quality among other components.

Though the report data shows quality, cost and flexibility to be among the top hesitations for pharma industry’s adoption, Bornholdt feels these same qualities are some of the most significant benefits of this project delivery approach.

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