Strip the strip curtains

Strip the strip curtains in aseptic cleanrooms

Like most things, improvement happens naturally over time with the application of knowledge and the advancement of technology. This is particularly true for aseptic cleanrooms and even more so with respect to strip curtains. As cleanroom technology has evolved, we’ve developed a better understanding of how to—and how not to—maintain an aseptic environment.

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To outsource or not to outsource? That is the question: How to ensure your CMO stacks up

How to choose a contract manufacturing organization

The age-old debate of whether to outsource production to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) remains for mature, emerging and virtual biopharmaceutical companies.

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Cutting Costs on Flooring Could Cost You Big!

Cutting cost on your food processing flooring could cost you big!

It’s underfoot, sure, but the coatings on your food processing flooring should be top of mind.

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Effective and Efficient Waste-stream Management in a Food Facility

Waste-stream management plan for food facilities

Every manufacturer must address it—the ever-present elephant in the room: WASTE. Companies small and large, across all industries, are faced with waste in their manufacturing process. From raw ingredients to packaging, an effective waste-stream management plan encompasses and benefits every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Build a Process Model

10 reasons why you should build a process model

A process model can be anything from a simple excel spreadsheet to a complex model that includes all aspects of a real-world manufacturing plant. However, the best model does not include everything. It only includes what is necessary to answer questions.

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Ask an Expert - Designing an OSD Facility to Protect Drug Products

Designing an OSD facility to protect drug products

Protecting OSD drug products from contamination during manufacturing is vitally important. Here’s how facility design can help. *As appeared in Tablets & Capsules – Solid Dose Digest, July 10, 2017

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An Engineer Inside the Classroom: How the Built Environment Influences Engineering Education

An engineer inside the classroom: how the built environment influences engineering education

As an adjunct engineering professor at a large university, I have had the opportunity to see the impact that the built environment has on my engineering students. Innovative features in a classroom can greatly enhance learning capabilities, whereas poor design (and even poor ventilation) can hinder cognition and learning.

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Innovation Science

Innovation science

What is innovation science, or rather, what makes our labs capable of supporting innovation? If you look back at history, many of our famous lab inventions came about in non-conventional and even accidental ways.

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Improving Documentation Change Control Process

Improving documentation change control process

In regulated environments, companies are expected to establish procedures for document change control as a way of ensuring product quality and safety.

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Leveraging your Packaging Consulting Engineer

Leveraging your packaging consulting engineer

It’s true – you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. For a manufacturing company, a customer’s first impression often comes in the form of product packaging. It would seem fitting then that experts would be engaged in developing packaging to ensure best practices are being utilized in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way.

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