Sebastian Bohn

Sub Market Leader, Alternative Proteins

Kansas City, MO

sebastian bogn full length photo

Sebastian is a project manager and process engineer with a passion for guiding alternative proteins producers through scale-up and process technology selection for their evolving industry. Sebastian has executed a wide range of projects in the food and beverage, industrial biotech and life sciences industries and appreciates the challenge of designing processes and facilities that can expand and grow to meet future needs.

“The alternative proteins industry is growing – and quickly. Our clients are faced with scaling-up new processes and growing operations while navigating blended regulatory requirements. It’s an exciting challenge to leverage our life sciences background to deliver innovative facilities for alternative proteins.”

Sebastian uses his wide-ranging experience to bring a unique perspective to end-users, helping them identify how to bring operations from reality to concept to scale. His expertise includes fermentation, cell culture, data analytics, facility integration, project execution, and process scale-up. His background includes all phases of large capital project design and construction. Taking the best from the life sciences and food and beverage industries, Sebastian guides alternative proteins clients to new solutions that fuel their growth and success.

Sebastian is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

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