Nate Smart

Process Specialist

St. Louis, Missouri

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Nate Smart is a Process Specialist located in the Central region. He has 10 years of experience with a focus in aseptic filling of pharmaceutical drugs, isolated fill line design, and regulatory requirements for aseptic operations in GMP facilities. Nate specializes in taking diverse owner requirements, site limitations, and project needs and matching them to creative, integrated solutions without creating costly and needlessly complex overengineered designs. This means right sizing the sterile core and supporting operations, analyzing the cost-benefit of the latest trends in filling technologies, barrier systems, and primary packaging materials. Particularly in a pandemic impacted world, this includes analyzing supply chain limitations for both drug product equipment and components.

“The CRB design team is focused on being solution providers. This means that we take our clients’ requirements and project challenges as raw materials, mix them in the medium of our expertise, and generate a final solution that has the clarity, quality, and efficacy our clients expect of their own drug product.”

An integrated fill line is typically the most complex and costly piece of drug product equipment. Two of the most critical aspects in fill line design and procurement for a design consultant are URS development and facility integration. Nate is skilled at matching owner requirements to the latest innovations in fill line and barrier technology, and scales fill line throughput against owner requirements to ensure capital investments are efficient over the lifetime of the equipment. Every project has its own challenges and opportunities, so a keen understanding of current market conditions and vendor offerings are critical for success. In addition to his technical understanding, Nate is committed to the success of each project. This means obtaining and coordinating the needs of all key stakeholders. Whether it’s the project architect or the owner’s maintenance department, Nate communicates key design points and clarifies the impact of each decision on cost, schedule, and quality. A project only succeeds if the entire team works together.

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