Monte Vander Velde

Project Manager

Kansas City, MO

Monte’s professional journey is one of seasoned excellence, marked by a diverse career trajectory encompassing engineering, control systems, and strategic management. With an impressive 26-year tenure, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess by steering organizational teams, championing a multitude of internal process solutions, and assuming integral roles in the seamless execution of capital projects.

His depth of understanding in the realm of manufacturing is not only a testament to his experience but also to his dedication in propelling productivity and effecting positive financial transformations. Monte’s passion lies in instigating strategic shifts that lead to tangible growth, both for the organization as a whole and for individual team members’ development.

As a result of his multifaceted journey, Monte brings to the table qualities of leadership and a reservoir of invaluable experiences. His role as a project team member and manager is underscored by his ability to draw from his wellspring of insights and apply them in transformative ways.

Insights By Monte