Mark Paskanik, AIA

Senior Laboratory Planner

Raleigh, NC

Mark Paskanik is a talented laboratory planner and licensed architect in multiple states and has nearly 20 years of experience programming, planning and designing research facilities worldwide. With a focus on tested planning principles, Mark uniquely adapts each lab design to support the client’s vision to create a collaborative, efficient and safe environment. He has planned over 10,000,000 square feet of laboratory space and has completed many challenging renovations projects.

Mark streamlines the planning process through focused visioning sessions by guiding his clients through a highly communicative and visual process. Through the use of a dashboard, pre-read and visual tools, his unique approach also respects the project budget and supports the business strategy for the stakeholders involved.

As an author, Mark publishes articles on laboratory design and has been a peer reviewer for the National Institutes of Health. Mark has planned well over 100 projects ranging from wet lab to dry lab with specialties in BSL, GMP and vivaria.

Mark is also a former founding board member for the NC-Triangle Chapter of I2SL (International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories).

“I am driven by how the spaces we design improve all of our lives. Working on only Science & Technology projects throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with people that have found cures or whose research has improved the lives of our families. Building upon the success of the past, I always search for a unique design that improves the results for our clients one project at a time.”

Insights By Mark