James Mize

VDC Coordinator

Boston, Massachusetts

James Mize is an experienced VDC Coordinator located in the Northeast region. Focused in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries, he has worked primarily on ONEsolution projects as the VDC point person from design through construction. His expertise includes BIM-360 setup and management, model coordination, and quality control. James brings a high level of drive to the CRB team by collaborating on many VDC corporate initiatives including Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), taking on data analytics reporting, and pursuing professional development opportunities.

Outside of project work, James focuses on data analytics, data mapping, common data environments, and digital twins. He is passionate about digital delivery and its role in delivering the complex building types we see in the biopharma manufacturing sector. With a master’s degree in architecture, his ability to think outside the box, or in this case the computer, makes us proud he joined CRB in 2019.

Insights By James