Save lives. Manufacture effective vaccines quickly.

Are you prepared for the unpredictable?

Vaccine demands are a moving target; you need a production facility that responds quickly. New or existing, design and build flexibility and efficiency into your vaccine facility.

How can CRB help you?

Whether you need one compliant process that maximizes throughput or a configurable facility that can accommodate multiple operating scenarios, we have the vaccine manufacturing expertise to provide you a solution that checks all the boxes.

But speed and flexibility are second to cleanliness and regulatory compliance. Without that assurance, vaccines are as dangerous as the diseases they treat. Build confidence into your facility with our extensive regulatory knowledge and longstanding experience with clean facilities.

Public health relies on your vaccine production facility; you can rely on CRB.

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What we do:

Seamlessly adopt new processes and produce higher quality therapeutics faster.

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving biotech industry with a flexible facility and expertly designed process systems. You’ll be positioned to readily adapt to new advances while producing the best quality drug products quickly and cost-effectively.

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Next generation therapies now.

Achieve a facility that is flexible enough to continuously adopt technology which doesn’t yet exist, resilient enough to support rapid scale-up to commercialization, and advanced enough to keep you at the front of the race toward breakthrough autologous and allogeneic cell and gene therapies.

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