Beckton Dickinson laboratory overlooking Torrey View

Tenant Improvement for Innovation Center at Torrey View

World-class life sciences campus

CRB acted as the construction manager on a significant tenant improvement (TI) project for leading global medical technology company, Beckton Dickinson (BD). The facility is BD’s San Diego Reagent Innovation Center located on the Torrey View, 10-acre, world-class life sciences research and development campus.

Specialized R&D and manufacturing for antibodies and fluorescent dyes

CRB’s scope on the project was for the interior construction of a 162,000-square-foot facility focused on the research and development, manufacturing, and quality control of antibodies and dyes. Clark Construction, the overall construction manager for BD’s Innovation Center, brought CRB onto the team to leverage our specialized knowledge in constructing high-standard laboratories and regulated manufacturing facilities.

The facility required unique solutions and careful implementation to address the light sensitivity requirements of the dyes and dye-containing antibody products being manufactured. Approximately 50% of the lab space is equipped with specialized red lighting to protect the light-sensitive materials. Despite the building’s many external windows, these labs required custom shades to maintain darkness when needed. This adaptation was crucial not only for the product’s integrity but also for aligning with the strict campus design standards. Additionally, the lighting systems are designed to maintain their settings during power outages, ensuring that there is no accidental exposure to standard white light, which could compromise the dyes. Enhanced commissioning of these lighting controls was a critical aspect of the project, ensuring that all specifications were meticulously met to support the advanced manufacturing processes within the facility.

Advanced work packaging to manage parallel construction activities

The project commenced in September 2022 and reached substantial completion by October 2023. CRB’s interior scope was skillfully synchronized with the core and shell work, culminating in a simultaneous final inspection.

An advanced air handling system to accommodate ISO-8 classifications

The building is a notable addition to the campus and the first of BD’s San Diego facilities to house ISO-8 classified labs, a significant upgrade aimed at meeting international standards. These labs require a rigorous standard of air purity, achieved by funneling 100% outside air through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Every cubic meter of air in these spaces is filtered to remove contaminants, dramatically reducing particulate levels and achieving a level of cleanliness thousands of times greater than typical environmental conditions.

Cutting-edge construction

The BD facility stands as a testament to cutting-edge construction, integrating numerous unique features that set it apart as a state-of-the-art research and development and manufacturing hub. From the custom, high-end architectural elements in the office spaces to the technologically advanced HEPA-filtered air systems in the labs, every detail has been meticulously built to meet rigorous standards. The environmental rooms, the elaborate air handling units, and the specialized lighting systems ensure optimal conditions for research and manufacturing processes, all with the goal of advancing the world of health.

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