Marc Pelletier, PhD

Marc Pelletier, Ph.D., to receive 2022 ASME BPE Legacy Award

May 16, 2022

ASME BPE Legacy Award

The American Society of Mechanical Engineering recognizes Marc Pelletier, Ph.D., for his leadership within the pharma industry and unsurpassed commitment to the BPE (bioprocess equipment) field.

The Standards Committee selected Pelletier to receive the 2022 ASME BPE Legacy Award. Pelletier has established himself as a prominent resource within BPE as the author of several technical papers, a distinguished presenter and an engaged mentor.

Within CRB, he has contributed to the articles “Behind every rapid response is a strong regulatory strategy” and “Vaccines—our best long-term defense.” His work has also been featured in Pharma’s Almanac, PioPharm International Magazine, and BioProcess International.

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