5 ways to use data to prepare your facility for a pandemic

5 ways to use data to prepare your facility for a pandemic

With the rapid, global spread of COVID-19, advanced data analytics and tools are now more important for the healthcare industry and academic institutions than ever before.

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Lab site selection

5 considerations for laboratory site selection

When planning for a new laboratory or expanding your current operation, sometimes location can limit availability, or size can impact the structural capability of a space. Every site will have pros and cons. That’s why it’s important to consider these five things during site selection.

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How to improve lab productivity

How to improve laboratory productivity

Not all labs are created equal.

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Four technologies that are changing lab safety

4 technologies that are changing lab safety

Lab safety is constantly in motion. Every industry is under pressure to continually audit their equipment and make decisions about when and how to install the latest solutions—from robotic packaging systems in the food + beverage industry to artificial-intelligence-enabled analytical tools in pharmaceutical research labs.

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Chemistry professor demonstrating use of equipment to two students in a modern teaching laboratory

5 design concepts for teaching laboratory success

Best practices and lessons learned from the classroom.

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Common pitfalls to avoid with building a lab

Building a lab: 7 common pitfalls to avoid

Building a lab can be complicated. To stay competitive, it is crucial that companies adapt to market changes. New products and services may mean changes in operations. For companies that have lab spaces, this can be costly. Many companies make decisions based on saving money without planning ahead.

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An Engineer Inside the Classroom: How the Built Environment Influences Engineering Education

An engineer inside the classroom: how the built environment influences engineering education

As an adjunct engineering professor at a large university, I have had the opportunity to see the impact that the built environment has on my engineering students. Innovative features in a classroom can greatly enhance learning capabilities, whereas poor design (and even poor ventilation) can hinder cognition and learning.

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Innovation Science

Innovation science

What is innovation science, or rather, what makes our labs capable of supporting innovation? If you look back at history, many of our famous lab inventions came about in non-conventional and even accidental ways.

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Vision Your Lab in One Day

Vision your lab in one day

Laboratory projects can be extremely challenging and require a very thorough analysis. How do we as designers use our knowledge of past projects to work with the client to create their vision? In many cases a high level visioning process can be used in combination with practical approaches to create that vision in a day. How can you vision your lab in one day?

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Effective Design Approaches For Academic Teaching Laboratories

Effective design approaches for academic teaching laboratories

The teaching lab environment is one that presents its own unique set of design parameters for the architect/laboratory planner.

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