Vince Naviello

Virtual Design and Construction Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Vince Naviello VDC Manager

Beginning his career in structural design, Vince’s early experience in the in architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry led him to his passion for technology and modeling. As a virtual design and construction (VDC) manager, Vince oversees workflows that allow for high levels of coordination between design and construction teams. His two main goals when working on a capital project are to make sure the facility will meet the needs of the client and to confirm the design’s constructability.

Vince is an expert at bringing large teams, with multiple trade partners, together to collaborate on one co-authored model.

“We provide the Autodesk Revit templates, project-specific criteria and overall vision, but the trade partners are the ones who help bring it to reality. It’s really rewarding to see the speed and quality benefits that happen when all stakeholders are familiar with the project’s VDC approach and collaborating together on a single model.”

Vince has presented on BIM 360 Design Collaboration at Autodesk University and has been featured in Autodesk’s blog, Digital Builder.

Insights By Vince