Matthew Decker, AIA


Philadelphia, PA

Matt Decker is a licensed architect in Pennsylvania and has 10 years of experience. Decker pays close attention to detail while gathering information in a staged approach, which leads the team to design a safe and successful laboratory. His role, above all else, is to ensure the safety of those who occupy or use a building for scientific discovery. Decker’s foundation in safety requires knowledge of specialized code compliance and fluency in regulatory and industry guidelines specific to laboratories.

Through continually refining planning metrics and critical thinking, he not only helps drive new building projects but also develops solutions that accommodate the restrictions of renovation projects. Decker’s laboratory experience allows him to interact with the additional layers of complexity associated with science and technology facilities, which include laboratories for cell and gene therapy clinical testing, quality testing in support of pharmaceutical production activities, Current Good Manufacturing Practices, material testing and biosafety laboratories for containment and study of infectious diseases as well as spaces for vivarium holding, procedures, imaging and other support.

“I enjoy getting to know the people and the science behind the laboratories we create because they afford an opportunity to learn from brilliant individuals, inspire my research-driven approach to design and empower the team to create successful solutions. ”

Decker is continually developing and adapting tools to meet specific project and client needs. Recognizing the capabilities of different software packages for data capture and generating content to communicate with team members is an important part of his successful workflow. Parametric modeling in Revit allows for data-rich content and visually engaging output. He is excited to produce and guide tours through digital representations of iterative solutions to facilitate intuitive feedback loops with various stakeholders before shovels ever hit the ground.

Decker has participated in industry organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and has even served as the communications director for the International Facility Management Association’s Research and Development Council. He recently joined the Philadelphia Chapter of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories and looks forward to learning from this community of experts.

Decker has a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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