Lauren Humphreys, NCIDQ

Senior Interior Designer

Rockville, MD

Lauren Candelora full length

An experienced interior designer providing high-quality design, Lauren strives to create moments of meaning, purpose, and connection. With 9 years of experience, she handles every project with a client-centered approach. Lauren enjoys working with clients early in the design process – helping them define a vision and transform their program into 3D.

Lauren is passionate about workplace design, especially as it is everchanging in today’s world.  She works on projects of all sizes for CRB’s Life Sciences clients throughout the world.

I am interested in the human experience and the impact design can have on people’s actions and emotions. From the conceptual shaping of space to detailing intimate design moments, I believe design – at its core – has the ability to support human wellness and inspire the sharing of ideas.

Lauren earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Philadelphia University. She is nationally recognized as a NCIDQ Certificate Holder. She is located in CRB’s Rockville, MD office.

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