J. Lee Emel, PE

Vice President of Operations, Southeast

Raleigh, NC

J. Lee Emel, PE is a pioneering thought leader in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years of experience. Spearheading the development and popularization of our FutureFacilitySM and FutureLabSM concepts, Lee has worked with clients on groundbreaking design concepts for manufacturing and research facilities that reduce both risk and cost while creating highly flexible and adaptable facilities. Such designs provide high value to clients, as they represent a lower initial capital investment and a lower operating cost. Lee’s initial presentation of CRB’s FutureFacilitySM concepts was over five years ago, but it is still a concept that is being discussed throughout the industry today.

Lee has strong technical background in process and utility system design for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and research & development facilities, and spent much of his early career performing both engineering design and project management. Such experience has provided him with in-depth knowledge of the design, construction and qualification requirements for CBER/CDER-regulated facilities. Aside from his technical proficiency, Lee possesses a unique ability to thoroughly understand the financial implications and business impacts of facility design choices, and he is able to use such foresight to assist clients of various types and sizes to make the best decisions for their business and bottom-line.

Lee is a contributing member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and Pennsylvania BIO. He is also on the Industrial Advisory Board for The Pennsylvania State University and a frequent speaker to undergraduates.

“I look at my relationships with our clients as partnerships – and being a good partner means helping them make good business decisions. As our markets have become more competitive globally, I have really enjoyed challenging our teams to find solutions that provide the best value for our partners.”

Insights By J. Lee Emel, PE