Dan Dozer, RA

Senior Lab Planner

San Diego, CA

Dan is a Senior Laboratory Design Specialist at CRB and has been a laboratory design consultant for over 30 years, as a lab planner designing and managing scientific and technologically sophisticated facilities. His management and design experience has led to the development of skills in strengthening relationships between users and the design team, and promoting strong ties between the functions and aesthetics of a laboratory facility. Dan brings a reputation for excellence in leading and managing projects, as well as servicing his clients in an attentive and organized manner. Over his 30+ years of experience, Dan has developed an outstanding reputation as a strong design advocate for laboratory users and owners to ensure laboratory needs and requirements are achieved through highly flexible and cost effective laboratory solutions.

“I have been in the lab design market for a long time and have worked on a large number of laboratory projects. My goals and expectations are that every project presents a new learning experience for me - which has been the case my entire career. The Science and Technology market is forever changing with new and exciting ways to meet the future of mankind, and I’m just glad to be a part of it all.”

Insights By Dan