JP Bornholdt

SlateXpace earns mention in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Apr 19, 2021

For decades, the discussion of flexibility has permeated every stage of these pharma facility projects; its praises have been sung by regulators, industry working groups, engineers, solutions providers, and of course, pharma marketing teams.

In a recent Pharmaceutical Manufacturing article, JP Bornholdt addresses the future of manufacturing in the biopharma industry. He discusses SlateXpace, a CRB solution that will help biopharma organizations on their quest to attain ultimate flexibility.

We use modular as a tool to gain advantages of flexibility and speed, but our SlateXpace approach is not limited to modular delivery. Over the course of nearly 350 advanced therapy projects, we’ve found the best practice is to start with a set of carefully planned design blocks based on function -— then arrange those design blocks to form a complete facility layout unique to each client’s process and manufacturing goals. That design is realized by blending the best attributes of various construction delivery methods — modular, panelized and stick-built — utilizing each in the appropriate location and ratio to deliver a facility that also meets the client’s particular business drivers, such as budget and schedule.

As advances are made in manufacturing facility design, equipment, and processes, pharmaceutical companies are looking for flexibility-related options. The industry itself is evolving, and new modalities continue to change the game for pharma manufacturers.

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